A Child Injured His Penis While Going Up The Escalator With His Dad

This is why you should always keep an eye on your child.

Cover image via Syahid Intiefadhah/Siakap Keli Press

A three-year-old boy had to endure excruciating pain for nearly 30 minutes when his genitals were stuck in an escalator at a shopping mall in Bagan Serai, Perak last night, 6 June

A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman reportedly said that a distress call was received at 8.16pm

Image via Bernama

"When we reached the scene, we used a crowbar to open the escalator steps and free the boy," he said.

He was then rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.

It was said that the boy had sat down on the escalator steps when his pants were caught, causing both the fabric and the tip of his penis to get stuck in the contraption

The Star Online reported that Operations chief senior officer II Nasir Wahab said the boy, who was with his father at the time, had got on the escalator heading to the third floor.

"The mishap happened when they were reaching the top of the escalator," he was quoted as saying.

"His pants got pulled in at the start, before the tip of his penis got caught as well."

Netizens have condemned the occurrence of yet another incident where a child is hurt while using the escalator, blaming parents for being neglectful

Image via Facebook
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This is not the first time such in recent months that a child was injured in a mishap involving an escalator.

Earlier this year, a four-year-old boy lost half of his left foot at the KL Sentral KTM platform:

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