Malaysians Are Selling "Branded" Paper Bags For Up To RM100 Each. Seriously

Pretty solid business idea, tbh.

Thinking of throwing away the many paper bags you've piled up at home from last year's purchases?

Hold on a second! Did you know that people are willing to buy your "pre-loved" paper bags, especially if they're branded?

Image via Jasmis-us

On popular online shopping platform Carousell, dozens of listings have been put up for papers bags from high-end designer shops.

Business-savvy Malaysians have listed paper bags from Chanel, Ted Baker, Salvador Ferragamo, Dior, and Louis Vuitton for sale

Image via Carousell

Take Malaysian Carousell user dressalicious_luxury for example. A variety of branded paper bags were listed on her profile - the most expensive out of the bunch is a Dior bag, which is being sold at RM80 while the Chanel-branded bag is listed at a price of RM40.

Another Malaysia user bagscapader had listed her Chanel bag for a whopping RM100

Image via Carousell

It's Chanel, so prices are non-negotiable of course.

On the other hand, our neighbours from across the causeway are also selling their share of avant-garde paper bags!

Image via Carousell

Singaporean user nicole_56 had listed branded paper bags that range from SGD4 (RM12) to SGD12 (RM37).

So if fancy yourself an LV paper bag for your next trip to the pasar malam, do check out the listings on Carousell!

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Would you buy a branded paper bag that cost RM100? Let us know in the comment section below!

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