Guess How Much Malaysians Are Paying For This 'Branded’ Brick?

It's really, REALLY expensive.

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When infamous skatewear brand Supreme put a red clay brick with their logo on it up for sale, it sold out within a day

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Supreme is a skateboarding shop and clothing brand established in New York City in April 1994. Since its inception, the brand has managed to gain a cult following.

Every time Supreme releases new stuff at its 10 stores across Europe, America and Japan, hundreds of people skip school or work just to get first dibs. It’s the kind of freakish obsession every clothing brand longs for.

The brick is the latest in a bizarre line of accessories from the brand, which has included a hammer, calculator, and even a fire extinguisher

Behold, the Supreme brick

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Resell prices have skyrocketed and some are going for as much as USD1,000 (retail price was USD30)


Image via eBay

Due to its extremely limited product run, Supreme products are known for its high resell prices.

This explains why it's common for resellers to profit from each release by buying up tonnes of gear, then flipping it on the secondary market.

While the upscale bricks have sold out at Supreme's webstore and outlets, one local consignment store has somehow managed to get their hands on the items and put them up for sale

Yup, RM550 for a brick, ladies and gentlemen

Image via Good Day online

Yesterday, 29 December, Selangor-based streetwear consignment store Good Day online put up the Supreme-branded bricks for sale at a whopping RM550 per pop.

Image via Good Day Store

But when we tapped on the link to the webstore, we found out that the bricks have unfortunately sold out. :(

We hope those who bought it aren’t in debt...

Image via Reddit

For the money you're paying, we hope it’s indestructible or something!

Would you spend RM550 on a 'branded' brick? Let us know in the comment section below!

PS: If you really DO own one, we’d love to feature the brick in a SAYS video. You and your Supreme brick could get pretty famous. Message us on Facebook and we’ll set up a shoot date! :D

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