Brave Indian Man Comes To Woman's Rescue After A Stranger Intentionally Climbs On Her Car

The foreign man climbed onto her car bonnet and accused her of hitting him, leaving Tazliana Musa traumatised.

Cover image via @tzliana_11 (Instagram)

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Recently, a 29-year-old woman faced a nerve-wracking experience when a foreign man intentionally climbed onto the bonnet of her car at Bulatan Pandan, Kuala Lumpur, and accused her of hitting him

A video of the heart-stopping incident, which went viral on social media earlier this week, shows the individual climbing onto Tazliana's car bonnet and creepily peering into her vehicle.

Recounting the ordeal, Tazliana revealed that she was on her way home after meeting a client in Kuala Lumpur when the shocking incident unfolded at approximately 6.45pm on Monday, 17 July.

According to Tazliana, she was approaching a roundabout when she noticed the man sitting by the roadside. As she slowed down to navigate the roundabout, the man abruptly ran towards her car, demanding she stop her vehicle before proceeding to mount the bonnet.

He kept repeating, "You hit me," while scrutinising the interior of her car.

Feeling terrified and uncertain about the stranger's intentions, Tazliana quickly grabbed her phone and began recording the incident

In the video, Tazliana could be heard panicking and screaming at the stranger. She kept honking the car horn, hoping that nearby motorists would intervene, but no one stopped to offer assistance.

That's when an Indian man, clad in a red T-shirt, stepped forward to help. He pulled the foreign man off the car's bonnet and led him to the side of the road, allowing Tazliana to drive away safely.

The grateful woman expressed her profound appreciation for the hero's swift and selfless action.

After Tazliana posted the video of the incident on her Instagram, some individuals informed her that the brave Indian man works at a nearby petrol station. Tazliana said she is eager to meet him in person to extend her heartfelt thanks for his timely intervention that got her out of the sticky situation.

Tazliana later filed a police report at the Kota Damansara police station

Reflecting on the incident, Tazliana admitted that she is still traumatised and is hesitant to venture out alone. However, her gratitude towards the unnamed Indian man outweighs her fears, and she looks forward to having her parents accompany her to express their appreciation to him.

This heartwarming tale of a stranger's bravery and selflessness during a moment of distress has moved the hearts of many, serving as a powerful reminder that compassionate individuals are ever ready to lend a helping hand when the need arises.

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