Brothers Die In Crash While On The Way To Deliver An Iswara For Their Father's Birthday

The brothers, from Seremban, were on the way to deliver the car to their father.

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A trip to deliver a Proton Iswara Aeroback as a birthday gift to their father ended in tragedy with the death of two brothers in Seremban

The brother, driving in separate cars, died in a crash that happened at Kilometre 17, Jalan Kuala Pilah Simpang Pertang, Seremban at 4.30pm, on Saturday, 27 February.

The Proton Iswara Aeroback car, that the brothers purchased for their father, was driven by 44-year-old Hafidzan Zainal, while 39-year-old Mohd Fauzi Zainal was trailing Hafidzan in his Perodua Myvi.

It is believed that Hafidzan lost control of the Iswara before it skidded and crashed into the divider on the left side of the road. He died of severe head injuries, New Straits Times reported.

Meanwhile, Mohd Fauzi died after he suffered a seizure attack upon witnessing the crash.

The brothers had driven together in the Myvi to purchase the Iswara

The duo were on their way home to Taman Kobena, Senawang in Seremban from Felda Pasoh, Jelebu to gift the Iswara to their father, Zainal Sulong, aged 63, after settling the purchase of the vehicle.

"They went there in one car. But, later, Hafidzan, who worked as a postman, drove the Iswara, while Mohd Fauzi drove the Perodua Myvi. However, the car driven by Hafidzan skidded," the victims' third brother Shah Rizal Zainal, aged 41, was quoted as saying by Bernama last night, 27 February.

"Mohd Fauzi was believed to have passed out after seeing Hafidzan covered in blood. It had always been their lifelong wish to give our father a car, and their untimely death is very heart-wrenching."

Mohd Fauzi had a history of seizure

According to Jempol district police chief Superintendent Hoo Chang Hook, a preliminary investigation found that Mohd Fauzi's mouth was foaming and his medical report stated that he had a history of seizure.

While the victims were rushed to the Tuanku Ampuan Najihan Hospital (HTAN) in Kuala Pilah, the 39-year-old, who did not suffer any external injuries, died on the way to the hospital.

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