Videos Catch Monitor Lizard Swallowing A Python Only To Throw It Up With A Burp

Guess, the python's size was more than the monitor lizard could chew.

Cover image via Desmond Bond (Facebook) & Heng Young Alan Ng/

Over the week, a monitor lizard was seen swallowing a large python in the Sungei Ulu Pandan, Singapore, according to videos and photos

Posted on a public Facebook group called Nature Society (Singapore), the monitor lizard's mealtime was being witnessed by curious onlookers who were seen documenting the somewhat terrifying event.

In this video, taken from the other side of the canal, the predator is seen eating the python. It appears to be struggling in the process.

However, before the monitor lizard could swallow the python whole, it gives up. It appears the predator was choking on the length of its prey.

A video that captured the entire sequence shows the monitor lizard throwing up the half-eaten python.

In the video, the monitor lizard was heard burping

Other videos show the monitor lizard waddling away into the water.

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