China Issues English Guidelines So People Will Stop Laughing At Their "Chinglish" Signs

No more "explosive dog" and "deformed man toilet".

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China has had enough of people laughing at their badly-translated English signs.

Effective from 1 December 2017, the country will introduce a set of boring national guidelines aimed at eradicating "Chinglish".

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According to the People's Daily, the standard aims to improve the quality of English translations in 13 public areas, including transportation, entertainment, medicine, and financial services.

But... where's the fun in that?

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Anyway, the guideline will also include standardised translations for over 3,000 commonly used phrases for public information, as well as names of famous local dishes

"The standard will provide linguistic support for the country's reform and opening policies," said an official announcement.

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Proper grammar and vocabulary will be prioritised while content that damages the image of China or other countries will be banned, along with "hurtful" or "discriminatory" words

No more Racist Parks to visit, folks.

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It's safe to say these signs will leave a lasting legacy, considering how many related websites and forums were set up. Enjoy them while you can because the end is near.

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Of course, we can't let China have all the fun. There are plenty of hilarious signs in Malaysia too:

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