Canada's Worst Serial Rapist Is Coming Back To Malaysia This Weekend

His youngest victim was only 14 years old.

Cover image via Toronto Star

Canada's worst serial rapist will live in KL for now, says source close to family

Serial rapist, Selva Kumar Subbiah, photograhed by FMT at KLIA upon his arrival.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

56-year-old convicted serial rapist, Selva Kumar Subbiah is back in Malaysia after being deported from Canada.

NST reported that he arrived on Qatar Airways flight QR844 at 7.30am today, 7 February, and right after touchdown, Bukit Aman's Sexual Crime Unit officers took him to the KLIA Immigration Operations Centre to have his statement recorded.

He is believed to have used an alternative exit at about 9.50am.

Meanwhile, Free Malaysia Today (FMT) managed to speak to a source close to Subbiah's family and was told that the rapist was met at the airport by his elder brother.

"He will stay in KL and not return to Penang as previously reported," said the source, when speaking to FMT at the airport this morning.

Just hours after Selva's arrival, the Sabah government issued a ban against the serial rapist, barring him from the state

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman

Image via Sabah Kini

NST reported Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, saying that Selva is not welcome is Sabah as he has been deemed a high-risk individual and has the potential to pose danger to the public, especially women and children.

"We just cannot take the risk of having such a potentially dangerous individual on the loose.. We must protect our citizens," he explained.

The directive from the Sabah Immigration Department is effective immediately.

2 FEBRUARY: Canada's worst serial rapist to walk free in Malaysia when he returns this weekend

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

Image via Bernama/Toronto Star

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said today, 2 February, that the authorities will record a statement from serial rapist Selva Kumar Subbiah once he arrives home to Malaysia on Sunday, 5 February.

Responding to widespread concern and panic among Malaysians on Subbiah's return to Malaysia, Khalid said that the authorities are not "empowered" to do anything more than just keep an eye on the man that has been dubbed as Canada's worst serial rapist.

"We are aware of public concerns regarding his release and deportation. The safety and security of the people are a priority."

"We are worried too but we have to abide by laws prevailing in the country. We are not empowered to do more than just 'watch' him from afar," explained Khalid, as reported by Free Malaysia Today.

It was also reported that the authorities are thinking of recruiting community groups to monitor the serial rapist.

1 FEBRUARY: Canada's worst serial rapist, Selva Kumar Subbiah, is coming back to Malaysia this weekend. The 56-year-old Malaysian is believed to have brutally assaulted up to 1,000 women and young girls.

Selva Kumar Subbiah at the detention review hearing on Monday, 30 January in Toronto, Canada.

Image via Toronto Star/Steve Russell

Canada's Toronto Star reported yesterday, 31 January, that Subbiah will be deported to Malaysia this weekend, accompanied by three guards from the Canada Border Services Agency.

He has completed his 24-year prison sentence and will be held in custody till his deportation this weekend.

The Canadian authorities arrested Subbiah in August 1991. He was found carrying a black book containing the names of 170 women that he had drugged, raped, and assaulted - rated on the scale of 0 to 10.

The arrest led to the conviction of 70 offences involving 30 women, but Naima Karimullah, a lawyer with the Canada Border Services Agency believes that as many as 500 to 1,000 women may have attacked by the serial rapist before his arrest.

"You are the worst offender and the highest risk that has ever come before me in my career." Andrew Laut, who chaired the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada hearing, also mentioned that Subbiah was declared as a "danger to the public" in November 1994.

Laut said that the fact that Subbiah is "a danger to public" means that he can't apply for refugee status.

The man described as short, soft-spoken with a slight British accent by Toronto Star, claimed that he is prepared to return to Malaysia. Subbiah left Malaysia for Canada in 1980.

"I'm ready to leave, sir," said Subbiah to Laut at the hearing on Monday, 30 January in Canada.

It was also reported that the Malaysian officials have approved the flight permit for Subbiah.

However, it remains unclear on whether Subbiah would walk free once he arrives in Malaysia.

Subbiah reportedly became eligible for mandatory release when his prison sentence came to an end on 29 January. The authorities arrested him on the same day as the prison staff had previously warned that he has a high risk to re-offend or even kill.

While the news of Subbiah's potential release and deportation to Malaysia upset countless Malaysians, the rapist apparently argued that he may end up becoming a victim of discrimination in Malaysia because he is Jewish

According to Toronto Star, Subbiah was found ineligible for parole at a hearing in June 2016 due to the fact that he is "likely to commit an offence causing death or serious harm to another person."

He was also told that he "continues to struggle in the areas of victim empathy, remorse and his inability to take full responsibility for his personal choices which results in his lack of mitigation in risk."

One of the victims that spoke to Toronto Star, said that she can finally relax now that Subbiah will be deported.

"It's still of a presence. Maybe the day after he's finally gone, I'll celebrate with a glass of wine," she added.

The convicted serial rapist apparently fought unsuccessfully to block Toronto Star from reporting the details of his hearing and photo, claiming that it will be dangerous for him if his latest photo and details of the hearing were published

"It has already been reported on broadly in media articles and on the Internet," said Subbiah, as reported by Toronto Star.

Toronto Star stood their ground and stressed that it was crucial for Subbiah's victims to know the details of his hearing and how the serial rapist looks like now.

A victim of Subbiah concurred, saying that the Malaysian public should be made aware of him and how he looks like.

"I believe the Malaysia public should be fully aware. Every border should have his picture," she said.

Subbiah entered Canada in 1980 with a student and visitor visa as he claimed to have studied divinity at McMaster University and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. He was never granted a permanent resident status.

A photo of Subbiah from the early 1990s.

Image via Toronto Star

However, it was noted that Subbiah did not graduate from any post-secondary course that he claimed to have been studying.

During his stay in Canada and prior to getting arrested, Subbiah was married twice and one of the two women apparently fled the country to escape his abuse.

Subbiah was convicted in 1992, sentenced to 24 years in prison for 19 counts of sexual assault, 28 counts of administering a drug or noxious substance, 10 counts of various kinds of assault, and a dozen more charges including extortion, reported Toronto Star.

During his sentencing in 1992, Justice David Humphrey ordered the police to accompany Subbiah back to Malaysia once his sentence was complete and to give the Malaysian authorities the rapist's criminal files that were reportedly more than a foot high.

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Subbiah is being released despite multiple warnings from prison officials. More details on the heinous crimes he committed:

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