7 Cars Were Allegedly Scratched For Parking At "Reserved" Lots Near Cheras Hawker Centre

"Next time, please go to the parking complex."

Cover image via C180 & Cheras Selatan

Despite a stern warning from authorities against blocking parking spots for their own usage, some businesses are still adamant about this practice

Commonly seen at hawker centres and mamak restaurants, business owners would often use chairs and cones to mark parking spots for patrons. 

The practice is not sitting well with some motorists, as revealed in a viral Facebook post

A disgruntled driver took to social media on 13 June to shed light on an incident near a Cheras hawker centre which saw a number of cars allegedly scratched for parking in spots reserved by the business operator

According to the driver, a handwritten note was left on their car's windscreen, telling them to park elsewhere because the business operator needed the spot to set up tables.

"Hello. We place tables here after 7pm. Next time, please go to the parking complex. Thanks." the note reads.

The driver alleged that at least seven vehicles were left with scratches, presumably for parking in spots reserved by the hawker centre

Netizens have chimed in on the issue. Most of them advised the driver to lodge a report with relevant authorities for further action.

What do you think can be done to solve this problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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