Tourists Are Destroying Paddy Fields In Sekinchan Just To Take Good Photos

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Cover image via Sin Chew

Sekinchan, a small and quaint beach town not too far off from Kuala Lumpur, is a popular tourist location known for vast paddy fields that span for miles on end

Also famed for delicious and seafood offerings due to its location along the west coast, Sekinchan has slowly solidified itself as a short getaway for many city dwellers during holiday seasons. The three-day Hari Raya long weekend was no exception. 

It is common for tourists to take advantage of the green paddy fields as great photo opportunities, but some were too engrossed in snapping good photos that they end up damaging the crops

There are plenty of signages advising tourists not to step into the paddy fields, as it could destroy the crops planted by farmers who have been working tirelessly for decades. 

But the notices were ignored.

Photos posted by Sin Chew yesterday, 17 June, showed tourists groups trespassing into the paddy fields to take pictures. 

Image via Sin Chew

Sekinchan state assemblyman Ng Suee Lim said he has cautioned the public numerous times to be mindful when navigating around the paddy fields, but his word has fallen on deaf ears time and time again

Despite local authorities having provided special lanes in between the fields for photo ops, some tourists thought it was a good idea to step on the crop just for a "nicer" shot

Image via Sin Chew
Image via Sin Chew

A representative from the local farmers' association said it was disheartening to see the fruits of their labour being trampled on and destroyed albeit it was just a small portion of the crop

Image via Expedia

"Tourists do not know the hard work that goes into farming. Just for a photo, they step on the crop. I hope they will behave and prevent the crop from being destroyed further," the representative said as quoted by the Chinese daily. 

Come on, guys. We can do better.

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The lack of civic sense is also present indoors. Case in point:

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