CCTV Captures Bus Driver In Singapore Narrowly Escaping Death As A Bus Flies Over Him

The accident injured a total of 17 individuals on Sunday, 11 July.

Cover image via (buses[IN]gapore!) (Facebook)

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A closed-circuit television clip capturing a bus driver narrowly escaping death during a bus collision in Singapore has gone viral on Facebook

In the 17-second long clip shared by (buses[IN]gapore!), a man can be seen falling down from a higher platform to a ramp below.

He, along with a green metal railing, is shoved almost 2m down by a bus, which then plunges to the ground seconds later.

In the midst of it, the man can be seen tucking into a ball with his hands covering his head.

Due to the long body of the bus, the bus only begins to hit the ground after travelling some distance, before ultimately missing the man lying on the ground.

Mothership reported that the man is believed to be a bus captain due to the uniform he was wearing.

The viral video is believed to be leaked footage of a bus collision that took place at 5.05pm on Sunday, 11 July

Photos of the accident's aftermath show the bus flipped on its side at Bukit Batok Interchange.

According to CNA, local member of Parliament (MP) Murali Pillai said the incident happened when one bus was pulling into the interchange, while the other bus was pulling out.

He said the collision of the two buses was enough to push one of them down the ramp.

At the time of the incident, the bus that tipped over was carrying several passengers

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said when they arrived at the scene, they saw a passenger bus lying on its side.

"Eight persons were inside the bus, while another nine were found outside the bus," they said.

SCDF entered the bus through the broken windows to rescue the trapped individuals, while the windscreen of the bus was cut open as another rescue entry point.

The accident caused 17 individuals to suffer injuries, 14 of whom were rushed to nearby hospitals.

It was reported yesterday, 12 July, that most of the individuals taken to hospitals have been discharged while only four remain warded.

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