Ceiling Fan With Extra-Large Blades Collapsed At A Coffee Shop In Singapore

A couple of diners were injured in the incident that happened on 28 October.

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There was a freak accident involving a ceiling fan in Singapore

In the accident that happened at a coffee shop in Tampines on Wednesday, 28 October, the ceiling fan with extra-large blades left a couple of diners injured after it hit a ladder and spun out of control.

At least two diners were injured in the freak incident with one of the victims seen holding his head and being assisted by others, according to photos circulating on social media.

The injured man's head appeared to be bleeding after hit by the extra-large blades.

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Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has since confirmed the incident

According to SCDF, they received a call for assistance at 7.10pm yesterday.

"On 28 October at about 7.10pm, SCDF received a call for assistance at Block 201D, Tampines Street 21. SCDF conveyed 2 persons to Changi General Hospital," SCDF said in a statement.

An eyewitness, who claimed to have called paramedics, said she was lucky to have been sitting further away when the fan went "haywire"

She claimed to have witnessed the entire incident, describing it as "pretty traumatic" experience.

She said that she lost her appetite to eat but had to stay at the scene as police wanted her around for statement.

Photos showed that the fan's blades had bent out of shape. However, there isn't any official word out yet on exactly what happened.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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