Grab Rider Delivers Food To Customer Despite Having His Phone Stolen Along The Way

The rider, Muhamad Hilmi Othman, decided to complete his food delivery first before heading to the police station to lodge a report.

Cover image via Amanda Choi via Coach Heidy (Facebook)

A story of a selfless Grab rider delivering food to his customer even though his phone was stolen in the middle of the job has won praise online

In a post published yesterday, 27 October, Facebook user Heidy Imt shared how a friend of his — Amanda Choi — encountered a food deliveryman putting aside his personal problem just to fulfil his duty at hand first.

"This [happened] to a friend of mine today," Heidy said.

"She was waiting for her GrabFood and when it was stated that the rider [was] about to reach her place, she went down to wait for the rider to arrive."

"However, she was shocked to see that the rider actually U-turned and [headed] back towards the restaurant area."

Thinking that the Grab rider may have made a slip-up in picking up the wrong order, Choi went back to doing her own things

"At this moment, she [realised] that the rider actually [moved] further away from where she was and where the restaurant was," Heidy continued.

"She then [realised] the rider [remained stationary] at around Mahkota area and it was at this moment that she heard her doorbell."

"And it was the Grab rider!"

Heidy said Choi was confused as to why the Grab application showed that the rider was far away from her residence, but the rider was standing in front of her with her food in his hands.

"The rider explained that when he was about to reach her place, his phone was stolen," Heidy related

He said that that any other individual would have rushed to make a police report — but not this rider.

Heidy said the rider managed to send the food to his friend by requesting the security guards at the premise to borrow a phone so that he could call the Grab helpline to ask for Choi's address and complete the delivery.

This man's name is Muhamad Hilmi Othman. May Allah bless you sir and ease what you're going through. You have my [utmost] respect, my brother," Heidy said, before adding Grab should reward the rider for his strong sense of duty.

In less than 24 hours, the post has gone viral with over 2,300 shares

Hundreds of netizens came to the comment section to laud Hilmi's excellent service.

"Despite his phone got snatched (sic), he still delivers the food. This guy [deserves] massive respect. Please make GoFundMe and we get a new phone for that rider," read a comment.

Image via Facebook

Many Malaysians also urged Grab to reward the rider by tagging Grab's official Facebook pages.

Image via Facebook

In an update, Heidy said Grab had taken notice of the story and that they will be contacting the rider soon.

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