KL Cafe Under Fire After Chef Seen Touching Customers' Food With Bare Hands

The customers saw the chef double dip his fingers into the food.

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A new cafe in downtown Kuala Lumpur is under fire after numerous customers left bad reviews claiming it had unprofessional service and poor hygiene

A review left on Light Capture Cafe by HON's Facebook page has recently gone viral after a customer related her disappointing experience eating at the cafe with her husband.

She wrote that she was initially excited to visit the new cafe, which opened for its soft launch on 1 October, and has been gaining attention in the past month for its Instagrammable aesthetic on Jalan Tun HS Lee.

After visiting the place though, the customer said the cafe's nice ambiance and interior did not matter as the service offered did not "reach the basic standard"

According to her post on 20 October, from the moment she sat down, she was treated poorly.

The customer and her husband were given barcodes to their tables when they walked in, but were not told what to do with them. So they went up to the first floor and decided to sit at a table by a window.

However, she said a waiter came by soon after and immediately accused the both of them of changing tables without informing the staff.

The couple were then troubled when they found that they could look right into the cafe's open kitchen on the ground floor from where they were seated

What came to their attention was that almost all of the kitchen staff were not wearing their face masks or had their masks sitting below their chins.

But what shocked them the most was when her husband saw one of the chefs using his bare hands to try the food he was cooking.

Having captured it on video, the couple watched as the chef repeated the motion - using the same hand to reach into the pan, put some pasta in his mouth, and reach in the pan to try it again - before wiping it on his uniform, then adding some salt.

"There were other 'stunts' happening in the kitchen which would be too lengthy to write here but above was the most scariest and concerning part," wrote the customer.

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She said that it was the cafe's responsibility, especially one that was getting really popular, to think of hygiene and their customers' health and safety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

However, when her husband decided to message the cafe and its owner on Instagram to give them some feedback, hoping that they would take note and improve on the matter, the cafe read the message, did not reply, and also immediately blocked her husband on the social media platform.

"That's shocking and disappointing looking at the way they handle feedback and dealing with customers," she wrote.

"This is a cafe with nice ambiance and interior, in a unique building, but sadly it is not in good hands. I'm not even mentioning their coffee and food because it doesn't matter if the service doesn't even reach the basic standard."

A quick look at the cafe's Facebook reviews show that many others have similar experiences with the cafe's poor service and unhygienic food handling

Many said they had to wait over 40 minutes for their food and drinks to be served.

"The waitress who served me my mocha (in a stained cup) was holding it in a way that she had both her thumbs touching the coffee froth," said another customer.

A few others also said the owner, who was often seen not wearing a mask, was rude when they tried to give him feedback.

SAYS has reached out to the cafe for a comment on the issue but have yet to receive a response.

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