[VIDEO] 2 Men Vandalise Street Signs In Penang Claiming They Were "Unconstitutional"

Police have identified the suspects and will be doing further investigations.

Cover image via Tok Singa Channel (YouTube) & Penang 槟城 (Facebook)

Two men were recently recorded spraying black paint over Chinese translations of Penang's street signs

A video of the crime was posted on a Facebook page called Tok Singa Fans on 26 October.

According to the video, three individuals were involved in the crime, including the cameraman who was following the vandals while recording their acts.

After spraying the street sign for Gat Lebuh Armenian, the man in a black shirt pointed at the camera and said, "We live in Malaysia and do not racially discriminate."

The man in black is believed to be the person who posted the video, Tok Singa.

Both men then moved on to vandalise the Pengkalan Weld street sign

"Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. This is a lesson to the state government that is trying to promote an inharmonious atmosphere. We will not respect them," said a man in blue.

Shortly after getting into the car, Tok Singa said, "We are not kurang ajar (rude), we respect all races and religions, but they have to respect the Malaysian Constitution as well."

"I am not racist, I have Chinese and Indian friends. If I get arrested, I have nothing to fear, because this is Malay land."

Tok Singa later doubled down on his statements in a 30-minute video

"To the Chinese, did I insult you? No, I did those deeds because the Chinese characters did not follow the Malaysian Constitution."

The Penang Island City Council has since reported the vandalism

As reported by Sin Chew Daily, Penang Island City Council mayor Datuk Yew Tung Seang will also release a statement about the incident.

According to The Star, George Town district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said that two police reports have been received over the incident.

"We have identified the suspects and further investigations will be done accordingly."

Watch the video of the vandalism here:

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