Malaysian Families Wave At Their Loved Ones In Singapore From A Yacht

The family members have not seen each other for over six months.

Cover image via R&F Princess Cove 富力公主湾 (Facebook)

On 24 October, families separated by international borders were able to briefly see each other close to Singapore's shores

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the border between Malaysia and Singapore is not fully reopened, save for exceptional cases.

As a result, many Malaysians and their family members working or staying in Singapore have been apart for months.

An initiative called 'We Reunite Love' was organised by property developer R&F Princess Cove, where 20 families got to see their loved ones by boarding a yacht.

Families shouted words of affection and some were holding up signs saying 'Love You My Dear' and 'We Miss You'

According to their Facebook post, the families have been separated for more than 200 days.

The yacht sailed from R&F Princess Cove in Johor to the middle of the sea, as close as possible to Singapore's waters.

Here is what the moment looked like from Singapore's perspective:

Read the full post here:

A few weeks ago, a video showing a Malaysian father in Singapore waving at his family in Johor went viral:

Last month, special permission was granted to families from Malaysia and Singapore to reunite at the borders:

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