GrabFood Customer Requests For Food To Be Tied To Rope So He Can Collect It From Apartment

Not a bird or a plane, just food.

Cover image via Twitter/Azhar Jamil

Being grounded sucks.

But one person recently came up with an innovative way to remain obedient, without getting hungry.

On 13 October, Twitter user Azhar Jamil shared a video of an interesting GrabFood request he received at a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in Singapore.

According to the video, he was requested to tie the food delivery to a rope before a customer 'pulled it up' to their apartment window

He called it "one of the craziest food deliveries" he'd ever had

According to Mothership, the customer looked like he was on the sixth floor of the apartment and used a pulley to collect the food.

Image via Mothership

In the tweet, Azhar explained that the customer had supposedly requested for this because he was grounded

And yes, he apparently did check that the food reached his customer safely.

Watch the full video below:


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