"Celaka Celaka Umno" Lands DAP Assemblyman Rayer With Double Sedition Charge

DAP assemblyman R.S.N Rayer has been charged with sedition for allegedly criticising Umno.

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Seri Delima DAP Assemblyman R.S.N Rayer Has Been Charged With Sedition At The George Town Sessions Court On 27 August 2014

Seri Delima assemblyman R.S.N Rayer, Pakatan Rakyat's latest rep to be charged with sedition, claimed trial this morning at the George Town Sessions Court.

Rayer Was Charged For Uttering "Celaka Celaka Umno" Once At A State Assembly Sitting And Another At A Bukit Gelugor By-Election Campaign Rally

He was first charged under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 for allegedly hurtling seditious remarks at Umno members by uttering “Celaka Celaka Umno” (Damn Umno) at the state assembly sitting on May 20 this year.

He was also read an alternative charge of incitement for delivering the speech that contain the words “ini Umno memang celaka”. The words in Malay is akin to “damn”.

Later, Rayer was charged before judge Zanariah Hussain in another Sessions Court to have committed similar offence at a campaign rally at 10am on May 22 this year in Island Glades area during the Bukit Gelugor state by-election campaign.

The Allegedly Seditious Remark Sparked Controversy, Leading To A Total Of 14 Police Reports Lodged Against Rayer

A total of 14 police reports were lodged nationwide against Rayer after he allegedly uttered “Celaka Celaka Umno” at the rally on May 19 and at the state legislative assembly on May 20.

The remark sparked controversy from various quarters, namely Umno and a few Malay rights groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). This led to a protest outside the state assembly building and subsequently some 20 individuals encroached into the building to hunt for Rayer.

The 42-Year-Old Pleaded Not Guilty And Claimed Trial To The Two Sedition Charges

Seri Delima assemblyman RSN Rayer (right) leaving the court room on August 27, 2014.

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Seri Delima assemblyman R Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer today pleaded not guilty and claimed trial to two sedition charges and an alternative Penal Code charges at two different Sessions Courts here.

Rayer was first charged under Section 4 (1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948 which carries a jail term of up to three years, a RM5,000 fine, or both. Under the second charge, Rayer also faces an alternative charge under Section 504 of the Penal Code for provocation, which carries a maximum imprisonment of two years, a fine, or both.

DAP's Lim Guan Eng Slammed The Charges, Saying That This Was The First Time In History That It Was Seditious To Criticise A Political Party

DAP's Lim Guan Eng Slammed The Charges, Saying That This Was The First Time In History That It Was Seditious To Criticise A Political Party.

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Secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said this was the first time in the country’s history that it was seditious to criticise a political party. "DAP is very shocked that the attorney-general still wanted to charge Rayer for sedition over a speech he made at the state assembly.

"Under the law, Rayer had immunity as a member of the assembly. This is an insult to democracy, to the assembly, which is the highest institution in the system. "If it is seditious to criticise a political party, why have Barisan Nasional leaders never faced action for doing the same?" he said to reporters today outside the George Town Sessions Court after Rayer was charged.

Lim, who is also Penang chief minister, said there was a double standard in such a case. "This is not done based on the law, but because of politics.

Rayer Would Be The Fourth Opposition Politician To Be Charged For Sedition In One Week

Rayer would be the fourth opposition politician to be charged for seditious and defamatory remarks in the past one week.

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