Netizens Baffled By Seller Who Used Non-Premium Courier Service To Ship RM35K Luxury Bag

Fortunately, the handbag has been found and delivered to the buyer.

Cover image via @hanumsubri (Instagram) & @suri_lisa (Twitter)

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A luxury bag reseller who used a non-premium courier service to deliver a designer bag that costs tens of thousands of ringgit has left netizens scratching their heads

In an Instagram post published last Saturday, 11 September, Hanum Subri said a Chanel bag worth over RM35,000 was lost while it was being delivered to her client.

Hanum revealed the bag's microchip code and urged members of the public to not buy the handbag.

She alleged that the bag was stolen during the shipment and swore to never again use the said company's delivery service.

"This parcel is stuck at (the delivery company's warehouse) in Sabah for around six days. When I did a follow-up with my client, I learnt that they only received an (empty) box," Hanum said.

The post went viral across other social media platforms. A Twitter thread chronicling the issue has over 5,200 retweets.

Of all the viral posts on the issue, a quote tweet captured the most attention.

In it, Twitter user @suri_lisa questioned how could Hanum use the aforementioned courier company's service to deliver an expensive bag.

Many netizens in the replies said the reseller should have used a more trusted or international courier to ship expensive items.

Image via Twitter

Fortunately, Hanum's complaint to the courier company was heard and the client has since received the highly-priced handbag

Speaking to SAYS, Hanum said the company conducted an internal investigation and found that it was their mistake.

She said the company reviewed their closed circuit television (CCTV) footage and found that the parcel was lost in the "problematic" delivery journey.

When asked why did she choose the company for the delivery, she said the company is "not bad" because they open daily and are fast.

"Actually, no matter what courier you use, there is a certain risk. I was just unlucky this time," she said.

Hanum told this SAYS writer that she paid RM120 to deliver the RM35,000 handbag.

She also added that as far as she knows, none of the courier companies have a protection plan that covers items worth beyond RM30,000. She said she normally does not declare the actual prices of the items to avoid triggering any attention and danger.

However, after the incident, she said she will use an international courier company to deliver her products.

"[I] will always [be] responsible if anything happens to the item. We make sure the item [will arrive] at your doorstep," said the reseller.

In a series of Instagram stories posted yesterday, 14 September, Hanum said she is relieved that matter has been resolved.

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