Changi Airport Will No Longer Make Final Boarding Calls Nor Page For Late Passengers

CAG is doing this to make the airport less noisy.

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Come 2018, you will no longer hear the final boarding call announcements or get paged if you're late at the Changi Airport as it has decided to embrace a more pleasant ambience

Starting 1 January 2018, passengers flying from Changi Airport will have to watch the clock and be at the boarding gates on time if they do not want to miss their flights as there will no longer be final boarding call announcements for passengers.

Additionally, airlines will also stop paging for specific passengers.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) said that this is being done to ensure that passengers and visitors will pay attention when more important announcements are made.

"With more flights and passengers, maintaining the present frequency of announcements will mean noisier terminals and more interruptions in time to come. One concern is that passengers may pay less attention to the announcements made over the public address system, crowding out the more critical announcements," CAG spokesman Ivan Tan was quoted as saying by The Straits Times.

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Airlines will inform passengers to watch the clock when they check-in for their flights and will advise them to be at the gate on time

Passengers can keep track of time through the 600 plus analogue and digital clocks that are installed in both the public and transit areas in all four terminals.

In order to keep the passengers informed about the cessation of final boarding call announcements, CAG will use the Changi Airport website, iChangi app along with displaying messages on the various flight information display screens.

While CAG is doing this to make the airport less noisy, Jetstar Group spokesman thinks the decision will negatively impact all airlines operating out of Changi Airport and their passengers

"Final boarding announcements and paging for late passengers serve as final reminders to all passengers and, hence, they help contribute to the on-time performance of airlines and Changi Airport," Jetstar Group spokesman Robin Goh was quoted as saying.

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