"I'm Not A Hero," Says The Guy Who Risked His Own Life To Save A Random Stranger

Fortunately the train didn't rush in at the wrong moment!

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When an elderly man, walking along the edge of the platform of a subway station, missed his steps and tumbled onto the tracks of the oncoming trains, several of the waiting passengers looked away in horror, except for one young man. Wasting no time, he leaped into action and jumped down the tracks to help the fallen man. Watch:

The man who fell down has been identified as Alfred McNamee, and the guy who saved his life is named Charles Collins, who hurt his leg while trying to save Alfred who has suffered some serious injuries. Due to the fall, Alfred has broken his back, has a shattered knee, broken ribs and a spleen injury that could require surgery.

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Collins, in the meantime, says he's no hero!

"I just saw him down and jumped down... just instincts," he told WPVI-TV. "I'm not a hero. I mean, people do the same thing," he said.

Transit officials laud Collins' actions as courageous but warn against jumping on the tracks. They say witnesses should alert a cashier or police officer.


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