What Happened When A Woman Met An MCA Candidate In The Cheras Market

A video of the encounter has gone viral.

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The campaigning period for the 14th General Election (GE14) has started following Nomination Day on Saturday, 28 April

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By now, you would have noticed that various campaign materials ranging from banners to political flags have decorated the streets in your neighbourhood while brochures containing manifestos are also being distributed.

Candidates contesting in GE14 will not have a long time to campaign as the campaign period is only at 11 days, until 11.59pm on 8 May. 

Candidates for GE14 are wasting no time in meeting voters to garner support, including Cheras Wanita MCA chairman Datin Heng Sinn Yee

Bernama reported that Heng, Barisan Nasional's candidate for the Cheras parliamentary seat, is still observing confinement period as she has recently given birth to her fourth child earlier this month. However, the 40-year-old is not letting that stop her from getting fired up to campaign for the upcoming GE14.

She made her way to the Yulek morning market in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur in her bid to win as many hearts of the voters in her constituency yesterday, 29 April.

According to The Star Online, Heng even met her rival, Cheras incumbent and DAP chairman Tan Kok Wai, who was at the same place for his own campaign trail. It was reported that the duo exchanged handshakes, with Tan congratulating Heng on her newborn and wished her good health.

However, things took an interesting turn in the campaign trail when Heng greeted a woman she met at the morning market

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Heng put on a wide smile as she went around to introduce herself to voters as well as explain her party’s manifesto to them.

At the market, a woman did not give Heng the cold shoulder but what she said afterwards has caught the attention of many people.

The woman, while shaking hands with Heng told the MCA candidate, "I will definitely support you...", before pivoting her statement to, "... (I will) support BN to become the opposition. We will not even give a single vote to BN."

Heng continued to smile and did not say anything.

A video recording of the incident has since gone viral on social media.

Heng later took to her personal Facebook account to talk about the encounter as she questioned if a woman who bullies another woman is now considered a hero

"Sejak bila perempuan yang membuli perempuan lain boleh dianggap sebagai wira? Cina menghina Cina dianggap pahlawan?" ("Since when a woman bullying another woman can be considered a hero? A Chinese insulting another Chinese is considered a warrior?") she wrote in the post.

She added that the incident has only reinforced her resolve to overcome such "culture of bullying and hate". 

"Terima kasih kepada si 'perangkap dan perakam', kelakuan anda telah menguatkan semangat saya untuk menentang DAP dan budaya buli dan benci." ("Thank you to the 'person who set the trap' and 'the person who recorded'. Your actions have only strengthened my resolve to fight DAP and the culture of bullying and hate.)

You can watch the video of the incident here:

It was a tumultuous weekend for the opposition, as several candidates were disqualified from contesting in GE14 on Nomination Day:

However, UMNO sec-gen Tengku Adnan said that the EC is simply carrying out their duty: