China Tourists Claim M'sian Food Sucks & Ask Others To Bring Instant Noodles When Visiting

"If you want to lose weight, come to Malaysia," they said.

Cover image via TikTok

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A video of two Chinese tourists complaining about the food in Malaysia has gone viral on social media

The video, believed to be originally posted on Douyin, begins with a man advising other Chinese tourists to bring instant noodles from home if they ever visit Malaysia.

"When you come to Malaysia, you must bring instant noodles," he says while walking in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

"Not only do the restaurants here not taste good, the instant noodles here also taste bad.

"You have to bring the instant noodles that suit your taste buds from home," he cautioned.

Image via TikTok

In another clip, he shows himself and a friend eating by the roadside, saying, "This noodles is really average"

Adding fuel to the fire, he also asks his friend if she has any advice for tourists visiting Malaysia.

She addresses the camera, "You have to bring instant noodles, it's best if you can bring pickled vegetables too because the food here is hard to eat. I think I've lost weight in just a few days after coming to Malaysia."

The male tourist concludes, "If you want to lose weight, come to Malaysia."

At the end of the video, he also criticises the dark colour of his noodles and questions why the bak kut teh he had the day before was so dark in colour too.

Image via TikTok

The video — which was translated and shared across other social media platforms — sparked outrage among Malaysian netizens

Many Malaysian social media users on X and TikTok condemned the tourists for being rude and disrespectful while voicing their opinion of another country's food.

"You want to save money, eat at the roadside, and still have high expectations... Do your homework and go to the right restaurants," advised a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

"It's okay to complain, but just don't be too condescending. The one in this video is too condescending," said an X user.

Image via X

In a stitch of the video that has gone viral, a Chinese Malaysian from Kuching also chastised the tourists for being so rude.

"Most of the Chinese people I know are nice people, but the two of you are a problem. How dare the both of you visit the country, complain about the food, and suggest that others eat instant noodles instead?" he asked.

He then urged the tourists to do their research and visit good restaurants before complaining about the entire country's cuisine and embarrassing their own countrymen.

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