7-Year-Old Girl Beaten To Death By Her Mother Because She Ate "Too Slowly"

Her father tried to take Guo to the hospital, but his wife stopped him.

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On 3 August, a seven-year-old girl was beaten to death by her mother because of her "bad" table manners in Shandong province, China

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Guo was reportedly having lunch with her family when the speed of her eating became an issue

According to China Press, Guo's mother threatened that she would hit her if she did not pick up her eating pace.

After giving her daughter several warnings, the girl's father was asked to leave the room.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Guo's mother proceeded to hit her with an iron rod.

"I did not dare to stop my wife. She also hit me when I tried to stop her from beating the child", Guo's father said

He returned to the room an hour later, where he found his daughter covered in bruises and wounds.

According to Sin Chew, Guo also started complaining about stomach aches soon after.

It was alleged that Guo's father tried to take her to the hospital, but was stopped by his wife, SCMP reported.

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Although the incident occurred at around lunchtime, Guo was only taken to the hospital at 5pm that evening

Guo passed away at around 7pm.

Sohu reported that her funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon, 6 August.

According to Sin Chew, Guo's father said that this was not the first time his wife had hit their daughter. However, he was shocked that she went that far this time.

The mother has since been detained by the police.

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