Unhappy Locals Tied Mexican Mayor To A Post Because He Refused To Fix Their Roads

They also threatened to shave his head and parade him around town.

Cover image via Mexico News Daily

The mayor of Siltepec, Mexico recently paid the town of La Laguna a visit - and ended up tied to a post by dissatisfied locals

According to Mexico Daily News, a group of unhappy residents followed Pedro Damián González Arriaga to his office and then grabbed him and four other municipal staff.

They then tied the mayor to a post in the main square of Siltepec.

This was the second time the mayor had been tied up by upset locals.

They also accused González of misusing public funds for lavish upgrades at the municipal headquarters, and threatened to shave his head and parade him around town if he failed to meet their demands in the future.

Residents had requested for welfare benefits and the paving of two kilometres of the town's roads, but González rejected their request

He explained that such an investment would cause an imbalance in the municipality's budget.

Instead, the mayor offered to pave only one kilometre of roads and promised to work harder toward obtaining enough resources to meet the town's demands.

The protesters told Mexico News Daily that they were fed up with the mayor failing to meet the commitments he made while on the campaign trail, which included investing in public infrastructure and paving, among other public works projects.

The act of publicly shaming politicians is a common practice in Southern Mexico, according to local media

The Palace of Government of Chiapas (Governor's Office) at Tuxtla Gutiérrez

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Often, politicians are taken by force and dressed up in elaborate women's clothing and paraded around town, reported Mexico News Daily.

In the same week of González's incident, a visibly stressed mayor from Huixtán province was forced to walked around town in a long dark skirt and frilly white blouse with floral embroidery.

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