Politicians React To PKR Senator Who Wanted A Law To Protect Men From Women's "Seduction"

"Men were given will power to decide, to think, and to exercise restraint," Hannah Yeoh said.

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On 31 July, PKR senator Mohamad Imran Abd Hamid made headlines after suggesting a controversial proposal to The Senate

He argued that that there should be a sexual harassment law to protect men from committing sexual crimes as a result of being seduced by women.

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The proposal was directed to Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in charge of Islamic affairs Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, New Straits Times.

The Senator argued that "men also need to be protected", as once seduced by a woman's way of speaking and dressing, they may be led to committing acts like incest, rape, and watching pornography

These "seduced" men would then break laws and subsequently be charged for these crimes.

"I hope that the minister can consider this so it (new law) can be introduced, so that men, God-willing, are safe, and this country will be peaceful," Mohamad Imran said.

Dewan Negara Deputy President Datuk Seri Abdul Halim Abd Samad, who was presiding over the sitting, responded by saying that it was "a good point of view" and the suggestion was for the minister to answer.

In a video taken during the PKR Senator's statement, the politicians seated next to him can be seen chucking with laughter

Seated on his left, DAP Secretary Alan Ling Sie Kiong appeared to be in disbelief as soon as the suggestion was being presented.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, Md Nasir Bin Hashim - who sat on his right - smirked as he attempted to hold back laughter.

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Senator Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker, who also witnessed the proposal, said that Mohamad Imran is "suffering from the 'blame syndrome' and passing the buck on to others", The Star reported.

Deputy Women, Family, and Community Development minister Hannah Yeoh called the suggestion "disgusting" and argued that women who cover up are also subjected to harassment and rape

"Babies and young children have been victims of a similar crime. They do not know how to seduce men, yet they become part of the statistics," she said in a statement.

“God did not make men equal to animals. Men were given will power to decide, to think, and to exercise restraint," she said.

“Even men can be raped by other men. Rightfully, there should be an apology to all women for such distasteful comments," the statement read.

The politician added that she was appalled that the Senate housed such a discussion and that was agreed by the Deputy President.

After PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced that he would tell Mohamad Imran to retract his remarks, the PKR politician apologised and withdrew his suggestion today, 1 August

Explaining that his intentions were sincere, he said that he did not expect the proposal would be seen as "a grave mistake that was offensive to women and insulting to men", Malay Mail reported.

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Watch the video of Mohamad Imran's proposal here:

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