Grandma With Dementia Gave Her Grandkids Wedding Rings Predicting She Won't Be Around Soon

The 88-year-old grandmother also has cataracts and can no longer see.

Cover image via Twitter/Amy Nguyen

A tweet about a grandmother with dementia who gave her grandkids wedding rings in Vietnam has recently gone viral

Amy Nguyen took to Twitter on 28 July to share about her grandmother giving her grandkids the rings because she predicts she will no longer be around when they get married.

According to NextShark, Amy and her sister visited 88-year-old Pham Le at her home in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam last week. 

Amy and her family live in the Bay Area, California and would visit their grandmother every once in a while, adding that the last time they visited her was in 2015.

After a netizen asked what the card that accompanied the ring meant, Amy shared the translation in another tweet

"The title means family and the TM2 was my grandpa's shop in Vietnam years ago. The middle is my grandma's message reminding my siblings and me to always get along and be united, and to take care of my mom and dad as they get older. The bottom says it's a gift of love," said Amy in her tweet.

Amy shared that her grandmother is the strongest woman she knows

"My grandma is 88 years old and she's the strongest woman I know. She's had 16 children, but only 10 survived to adult age," said Amy as quoted by NextShark.

"She has cataracts and can't see anymore. I also love that she takes French classes in her free time despite having dementia, so she knows a bit of French," she said. 

She also cherishes every joyful moment she can get with Pham Le, as she usually forgets details just minutes into the conversation

"Before I left, I told her that I posted a story on the Internet and how there were so many people sharing and loving the tradition my grandma started with her kids and grandkids," said Amy, adding that it was bittersweet talking to her because she forgets within a few minutes.

Amy also said that saying goodbye was heartbreaking because Pham forgot the family had arrived three weeks ago and thought that they just arrived.

"I thanked her for the gift and told her I loved her more than anything," she said. 

At the time of writing, her tweet garnered over 8,800 retweets and 100,000 likes

Amy shared that the gift she received was the most loving gift she that she felt like she had to share with everyone else, adding that she has been crying non-stop.

"I'm definitely doing this for my future kids and grandkids. Thank you for all the kind words and DMs," said Amy.

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