Naked Chinese Guy Pretends To Be Hit By Mercedes-Benz To Demand Compensation

Interestingly, he was just released from jail for committing the same offence.

Cover image via Weibo

Apparently, people in China can be quite indigenous when it comes to making some quick bucks, although at the expense of others

For example, this adult Chinese guy:

Image via Weibo

According to Chinese news site The Paper, the butt-naked fellow was spotted lying under a Mercedes-Benz on the streets of Wenling County in the Zhejiang province. The picture was posted on the Chinese social networking site Weibo.

Why was he lying under the car butt-naked? He was pretending to be hit by the car to demand compensation from the female driver.

Yes, you read that right.

As Mashable first reported, the fellow was initially thought to be mentally ill, however, it was later revealed by local media reports that he was simply committing pengci — a common fraud in China where people deliberately get hit or pretend to be hit by a car so they can demand monetory compensation from the driver.

How convenient, right?

He seems to be having a gala time lying butt-naked under the car.

Image via Weibo

And if you thought this was his first attempt at pengci, you couldn't be more wrong! According to police, the same man had just served a seven-day sentence in jail for committing the very same offence.

Image via Imgur

However, it's not known whether the police put him behind the bars again this time.

On the other hand, a 19-year-old Chinese man sold his baby daughter for RM14,552 so that he could buy a brand new iPhone:

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