Chinese Husband Arrested For Pushing Pregnant Wife Off A Cliff While Kissing Her

Both the wife and her foetus survived the fall.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

Earlier this month, a Chinese man allegedly pushed his three-months pregnant wife off a cliff in Bangkok while kissing her

The incident took place on 9 June, when 33-year-old Yu Xiao Dong asked his 32-year-old wife, Wang Nan, to stay on the cliff's viewing platform, saying there was a 3,000-year-old cave painting nearby that they should see, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

However, the couple did not find the cave painting and moved closer to the edge of the viewing platform when Wang said that Yu suddenly grabbed her waist and started kissing her.

At which point, she said that she felt pressure on her back and was pushed off the platform.

Wang miraculously survived when her 34-metre fall was broken by thick layers of trees and bushes before finally hitting a rock

Wang was conscious throughout the whole ordeal and was crying for help for 20 minutes before a Thai tourist found her severely injured on a trail.

She was immediately sent to Sapphasitthiprasong Hospital in Muang district, Bangkok for surgery.

According to Bangkok Post, she suffered fractures in her left thigh, left arm, left collar bone, hip bone and knees.

Her three-month-old foetus had also survived the fall.

Police finally arrested the husband on 17 June when he was visiting his wife in the hospital

Police revealed that the couple was from China and has been living in Bangkok for three years, making a living from trading with their homeland.

Yu had been jobless and was in debt while Wang came from a well to do family.

She currently holds her family's assets to her name but was not willing to fully clear off her husband's debts, which led to the police believing this to be the motive for his actions.

The case was initially being treated as an accident

According to Bangkok Post, the police initially treated the fall as an accident as they were told that the wife fell off the cliff after she passed out.

However, when Wang was reunited with her husband, she accused him of pushing her over, he pretended to be clueless, asking: "What are you talking about? Where have you been?"

The 32-year-old only revealed to the police the truth when her husband left her bedside as he had previously threatened to kill her if she said anything to the police.

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