2 Boys Filmed Themselves Giggling While Destroying Food Items At A FamilyMart In Nilai

The video has gone viral on various social media platforms.

Cover image via Twitter @pedoqpop

Netizens are calling for action to be taken against a group of boys in Nilai after a video showing one of them destroying food items at a convenience store went viral

The one-minute video, believed to have been filmed at FamilyMart in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, shows one boy giggling and squeezing cakes and sandwiches on display while his friends goaded him on

He also messed up the display by moving several items from its original placements. Taking his inappropriate behaviour to another level, he uncovered a bowl of salad and even opened a bottle of milk tea to take a sip before putting it back on the shelf.

The store has just opened for business on 15 June, and is reported to be the Japanese chain's first outlet in Negeri Sembilan.

Originally posted on Instagram Stories by one of the boys, the video soon made its way to Twitter and Facebook. It spread like wildfire, sparking outrage amongst Malaysians who criticised the boys for their uncivilised behaviour:

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Some even called for the police to get involved:

Soon after the video went viral, the boy posted an "explanation" video claiming that he had purchased all the items they'd squeezed and opened:

Dia buat penerangan dah, katanya semua makanan tu dia dah bayar. Ps: kalau bayar, tunjuk la resit.

Posted by Media Malaya on Thursday, 20 June 2019

However, a netizen revealed that they did not actually purchase any of the destroyed items, prompting the boy to post an apology video claiming he had apologised to the store's employees:

FamilyMart has since responded to the incident. In a statement sent to SAYS, the convenience store chain thanked Malaysians for their concern and confirmed that they are currently investigating the matter.

"Firstly, we truly appreciative of all the concern as well as support to FamilyMart. At this moment, the team is aware of the situation and it is currently in the midst of investigation," it wrote. 

"Again, thank you for the great support as well as patience in the matter as we work with relevant departments to bring closure to this."

You can watch the original video here:

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