Woman Who Was Filmed By A Penang Hotel Employee In The Shower Was Offered Buffet Vouchers

The suspect, who worked at the five-star hotel on Gurney Drive, has also been released by the police.

Cover image via Oriental Daily

Earlier today, 20 June, a 30-year-old woman recounted her recent experience of being filmed in the shower by an employee of a five-star hotel in Penang

(Right) The 30-year-old victim.

Image via Malay Mail

Malay Mail reported that the woman, who wished to be known as Chan, spoke during a press conference at the Penang Gerakan headquarters today. 

She was accompanied by Gerakan complaints bureau chief H'ng Khoon Leng.

On 9 June, Chan was bathing in the hotel's public toilet when she saw a man's hand through the shower curtains

According to Oriental Daily, Chan had just finished a gym session at around 10pm on the day of the incident before going to the public toilet for a shower. 

She then saw a man's hand, holding up a phone, through the shower curtains of the public toilet. 

Chan then asked for her husband's help to see who the unknown man was, but the suspect had fled the scene. 

The couple then lodged a complaint with the hotel staff and demanded to look at CCTV footage of the area outside the public toilet

Image via Oriental Daily

"The hotel staff told us to fill in a form. After waiting for about an hour, we were asked to lodge a police report over the incident because they said they need a report before allowing us to view the CCTV footage," Chan said, according to Oriental Daily. 

Despite holding a police report, Chan claimed that she was told she had "no right" to view the CCTV footage. She was only shown the video a day after the incident after the hotel staff relented with pressure from the police, reported China Press

The footage showed a hotel employee sneaking into the female toilet with a phone on the day of the incident. 

Chan expressed disappointment in the hotel management as the suspect was not fired immediately

"Despite our complaints to the hotel management, they seemed indifferent about it and only told us if we want to cancel our gym membership, they would give us a refund... and offered us buffet vouchers," the woman was quoted as saying by Malay Mail, before adding that the employee has since been sacked.

The couple had signed up for gym membership at the hotel, which costs RM3,400 in total. 

The victim said she chose to reveal details of the incident to ensure the hotel management changes its responsiveness to sexual harassment complaints from customers

Image via Oriental Daily

"We do not want compensation. We want the hotel to take responsibility and ensure the safety of its gym members, but it seems they do not care," Chan said, according to Malay Mail.

"How could a male staff be allowed into the women's bathroom? What if this is not the first time he has done this but he was never caught previously?" she added. 

Meanwhile, Gerakan complaints bureau chief H'ng said that the suspect was only taken in for questioning, had his phone seized, and released from custody. 

"It has been 10 days, he has not been charged yet," H'ng said. 

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