Students Put The A In Asian By Revising For Exams During Hong Kong Protest

The protest was for a withdrawal of Hong Kong's controversial extradition bill.

Cover image via Reddit

On 16 June, people in Hong Kong took to the streets to protest against its government's controversial extradition bill

The bill, if approved, would allow extradition of people not only to mainland China, but to any jurisdiction in the world with which Hong Kong has no existing formal agreement.

Image via The New Yorker

Protest organisers claimed that over two millions people participated in Sunday's protests, while the Hong Kong police said that there were 338,000 protesters at its peak.

It is said to be the territory's largest demonstration since 1997, The New Yorker reported.

Image via DW

While determinedly pushing for a withdrawal of the bill, several protestors found amusement in one aspect of the demonstration.

Many students taking part were seen using whatever spare time they had to brush up on schoolwork.

A photo collage titled 'Hong Kong students study for their finals while protesting' went viral after it was uploaded to Reddit on 18 June.

Image via Reddit

"This is because final exam is coming up in the next two weeks for secondary school students," a netizen explained in the Reddit post's comments section.

Under the hot sun or the shade of an umbrella, students were caught on camera casually flipping through their textbooks while standing in the streets

Image via Reddit

As the protest went on for about 3.2km and took several hours, the teenagers seemingly had plenty of time to revise their notes.

Netizens were thoroughly impressed by the students' A-grade multitasking and responsible prioritising.

They also couldn't help but make a few Asian jokes.

The Hong Kong protesters were also applauded for cleaning up after themselves, leaving the affected roads spotless by the morning after the demonstration

The Hong Kong protest also made international headlines after a video of demonstrators giving way, without hesitation, to an ambulance during an emergency went viral on social media.

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