M'sian Woman Claims Bangkok Hotel Staff Stole Her Money And Diamond Ring Worth RM29,000

Loft Bangkok Hotel is a 4-star hotel.

Cover image via Loft Bangkok Hotel

On Tuesday, 18 June, Facebook user Celine Tan took to her account to share her first "bad experience" with a 4-star hotel in Bangkok

The Malaysian woman wrote that she checked-in at Loft Bangkok Hotel on 9 June and the next day, on the morning of 10 June her valuables — some hard cash and a diamond ring worth USD7,000 (RM29,081) — were missing from her hotel room.

According to Celine, a check on closed-circuit television footage (CCTV) showed that her valuables were stolen by a staff of the four-star hotel.

A video uploaded on her now viral Facebook post, which has been shared over 1,500 times, a man can be heard asking a female housekeeping staff to admit to the theft.

At which point, another man, who can be seen in the video, presumably the hotel manager, can be heard saying: "Yes, she keep the money."

Posted by Celine Tan on Tuesday, 18 June 2019

While a police report was lodged the same day and the hotel manager allegedly promised to take full responsibility of Celine's lost valuables, she claimed that she never got her valuables back

"It's really ridiculous that a 4-star hotel would do such a thing.

"Their boss said that they would compensate me for all the losses. Even if they could not find my belongings and rings, the boss said that they would take full responsibility," the woman wrote on her Facebook post.

However, when she asked the hotel manager how are they going to compensate her, the manager allegedly told her that the hotel does not have cash.

And on 12 June, the day of her departure from Bangkok, Celine couldn't get in touch with the hotel manager after he had allegedly promised to meet her.

"We waited until 3:30pm and found that something was wrong. They did not explain it at all," she wrote, adding that as a result, she missed her flight.

Celine ended her post warning others to "not to stay in this hotel".

Police questioning the housekeeping staff.

Image via Loft Bangkok Hotel

Loft Hotel Bangkok has since released a statement

In the statement posted its official Facebook page, the 4-star hotel claimed that the guest did not keep her high-value ring in the safety box for keeping valuable items.

"We have a notice for everyone in the hotel rooms to always keep any valuable items in the safety box or with themselves," the statement said, adding that as there was no 'Do not disturb' sign displayed outside the room, housekeeping had entered to clean it.

Loft Bangkok Hotel also claimed that there is no evidence to show that their employee stole the woman's valuables and that the Malaysian Embassy is aware of the situation.

In the statement, which has received negative comments from netizens, the hotel added that they have a "high-security system that has been praised by the government".

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