A Woman Was Fired After She Replied With 'OK' Hand Emoji To Her Boss On WeChat

Not Ok lah.

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A bar in Changsha, Hunan province, central China, has fired a female employee after she replied to her manager with an 'OK' emoji

According to a report in South China Morning Post (SCMP), the firing came when the manager of the bar took issue with the woman's response.

She used the 'OK' hand emoji to reply to the manager's request in the team's WeChat group last week, asking her to send over some meeting documents.

You should use text to reply to the message if you have received it.

"Don't you know the rules? Is this your acknowledgement of receipt?" the manager replied to the female employee's response, according to SCMP.

The female employee said that the manager then told her to get in touch with the HR department. Her resignation is being processed.

"This is a real case," the woman said, adding that while she has worked for many years, this is her first encounter with this kind of stupid situation.

"I am good-tempered therefore I didn't retaliate," SCMP reported her as saying.

And the manager didn't just stop there

After telling the woman she's fired, he sent out an official announcement to the group requesting everyone use "Roger" when replying to messages.

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The woman's colleagues agree that the manager’s behaviour had gone too far.

However, there's nothing they can do in this situation.

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