Sabahan State Civil Servants Can Now Wear Their Traditional Ethnic Costumes To Work

The "busana" can be worn to work every Thursday.

Cover image via Uwe Aranas/CEphoto

Sabahan state civil servants can now wear their traditional ethnic costumes - termed "busana" - to work every Thursday

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Wilfred Madius Tangau (left) and Upko honorary president Bernard Dompok in traditional costumes at the 2019 Upko Kaamatan celebrations at Telupid over the weekend.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

The Borneo Post reported that Sabah deputy chief minister Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau said traditional ethnic costumes should be accepted as one of the official work outfits, as it is the culture of the people of Sabah.

The announcement was made over the weekend during the 2019 Upko Kaamatan celebrations.

The move was also acknowledged by Sabah chief minister Datuk Seri Panglima Shafie Apdal during the Sabah-level Kaamatan closing ceremony on 31 May.

Sabahans are encouraged to wear the full "busana" to work

Image via The Borneo Post

When Tangau was asked whether the men's headgear (the sigar) and women's head scarf and limpogot (waist band) was included, he said, "Bah, it's busana, so it means a complete traditional outfit. We try to dress as such as much as possible."

Free Malaysia Today noted that, presently, all civil servants are required to wear batik to work every Thursday.

It is expected that the new directive will also help generate Sabah's economy

Kaamatan celebration 2017.

Image via Bernama/New Straits Times

In the statement, Tangau said the move would also help promote local products and improve the economy of those directly involved in the making of traditional costumes in Sabah, reported Free Malaysia Today.

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