TV Host Shares How 'Besi Buruk' Man Returned Her Husband's Lost Wallet And Handphone

"He could have kept it all but didn't."

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Despite all of the negativity around us, one recent Facebook post has proven that there are truly honest people with good hearts in the world

Malaysian TV host Elaine Daly recently shared a heartwarming story of how her husband lost and found his wallet and handphone on Sunday, 16 June.

From left: Nick Boden with his wife Elaine Daly.

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"I was driving out to run some errands this morning and Nick was helping me take the baby seat out. While doing so, he accidentally left his wallet and handphone on top of the car," she wrote.

Elaine then drove off only to find that she had a "gazillion missed calls" on her phone when she reached her destination.

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"Nick was frantic as he had just gone to the ATM and had a big wad of cash in his wallet," she added

After tracking his handphone, he found that his lost items were somewhere in Petaling Jaya.

He concluded that it all went missing, as it had possibly fallen off while his wife was driving on a highway in PJ.

Not wanting to lose hope, Elaine continued to call his handphone which kept on ringing.

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However, about an hour after the incident, a miracle happened

"I get a call from Nick's phone, saying 'Assamualaikum, saya ada handphone. Saya ada di PJ. IC dan wang semua ada'."

It turned out that a 'besi buruk' man named Amin had found Nick's belongings and wanted to return them to its rightful owner.

As what most 'besi buruk' guys do, Elaine explained, Amin must have been looking for things on the ground to collect.

The kind man had apparently found the belongings off the highway and had picked it up

"How crazy is that??? Anyone else would have just taken it! So we [drove] to SS1 Petron and true enough he was there with his bike and cart, with Nick's belongings," Elaine wrote in the post.

From left: Nick and Amin.

Image via Elaine Daly/Facebook

She found out that Amin is a Rohingya refugee who lives with his family in Malaysia, and holds a legitimate United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) card

"[He] is honest and kind. He said if he couldn't reach us, he would have gone to the police station," she wrote.

Elaine and Nick then gave Amin a reward and told him to reach out to them if he ever needed anything in the future.

Really goes to show that there are still good people out there and people who care. He could have kept it all but didn't.

"Thank you Amin for restoring my faith in humanity, especially in this day and age when there's a lot of bickering and negative noise going on in the world. Nick and I are blessed and eternally grateful!" she added.

Since the post was shared, netizens have been praising Amin for his honesty

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

You can read the full post here:

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