JB Foreign Worker Melts Hearts For Helping To Feed An OKU Teenager

The teenager was believed to have been a customer at the restaurant.

Cover image via Andy Lau/Facebook

A foreign worker has touched Malaysians' hearts with his simple act of kindness towards a stranger

Facebook user Andy Lau shared about what he saw in a post that has since received over 5,200 shares.

According to Andy, the incident took place at Thirteen Yaw Mookata House at Jalan Harimau Tarum in Johor Bahru.

In the heartwarming post, Andy recounted how an employee was seen feeding a disabled teenage boy

The boy, who was believed to have been a customer at the restaurant, was seen being fed a plate of pasta by the staff.

The caption, as translated by Foodie, read:

"I witnessed the whole scenario of this cafe's foreign worker feeding a handicapped youngster in need. He is just a worker, no one instructed him, nor will he receive any tips for doing so, but he still willingly lent a helping hand, shouldn't we all give him a thumbs up?"

The stranger's warm act of kindness has since served as a reminder that being human is about serving others, even if no one else sees our actions

"Some people are good, regardless of their skin colour or nationality," one netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

"So many times foreign workers do more than we do," another commented.

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Truly, not all heroes wear capes. :')

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You can view the full post here:

Image via Facebook

In the same vein, a mamak stall employee went viral for feeding an OKU man last month:

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