Netizens Slam Woman For Recording Herself Yelling At A Waitress For Slow Service

"I'm gonna make this shop viral, so no one will come here anymore."

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A netizen is receiving backlash for posting a video of herself scolding an employee of a popular chicken rice shop in a Putrajaya mall for "the worst service"

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"Customer comes and they don't entertain, after making us line up for so long. Is this how you treat your customer?" she told a waitress in the video posted on Twitter.

The tweet has garnered over 5,000 retweets and 6,000 replies at the time of writing.

After waiting too long for someone to take her order, the frustrated woman and her mother stormed out of the restaurant.

"Is this how you serve your customers? There's no excuse if you're understaffed," she told a waitress handling the queue at the entrance.

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"If you don't like customers, you shouldn't work here," she said.

When the employee tried to explain, the woman raised her voice and told her that, "Taking an order takes so little time! My mother wants to eat, you know."

When the waitress told her that she would soon be able to take her order, the woman yelled, "Why didn't you take my order earlier? Everyone else has already been attended to."

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After the waitress apologised, she told her to "do your job properly".

"I'm gonna make this shop viral, so no one will come here anymore," the woman yelled as onlookers watched her leave the eatery.

In response to the viral video, netizens criticised the woman for publicly calling out the waitress and humiliating her

"How someone treats waitstaff can tell you so much about a person. Believe it or not, but people nowadays find it difficult to even say thank you to waiters who wipe down their table," a Twitter user wrote.

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Image via Twitter

Another netizen joked about the lack of reaction from other patrons of the restaurant.

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