Chinese Tourists Forced To Clean Up After Flooding Airport With Their Garbage

Plastic covers and packages of different sizes were left scattered near the departure gates.

Cover image via Jemin

An airport in South Korea has suffered the inconveniences of attending to ill-mannered Chinese tourists.

The departure gates at Jeju Island International Airport - the second largest airport in South Korea - was flooded with garbage left by the visitors.

Plastic covers and packages of different sizes were left scattered near the departure gates.

Image via Jemin

According to Jeju newspaper Jemin, the tourists bought some duty-free goods at a designated area near the departure gate before their flight.

Many of them then removed the packaging to reduce the items' bulk before boarding the plane. Instead of throwing the plastic wrappers and boxes into designated bins, the tourists tossed them on the floor.

The unruly tourists were sternly asked to pick up the trash they left behind by using garbage bags and dumpsters

The departure gates at the Jeju Island International Airport.

Image via ShutterStock

“We will keep reinforcing the sanitation team at the gates for international flights,” an official from the airport told The Korea Times.

The official also said the airport has special areas around the gate where tourists can dump the rubbish and airport staffs have been reminding them of the regulations

The Jeju International Airport.

Image via Island Sim

The Korea Airports Corporation in Jeju has also taken action by increasing the number of cleaners at the gate from two to three.

The airport might impose a penalty in the future to curb tourists from littering

Image via Hulu Trip

"Even though there is still lots of rubbish left after they depart, less of them are dumping it on the floor after we've taken action," the official added.

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