"I've Always Been Their Priority" — Chinese Woman Shares How She's Adopted By Malay Family

Salinah Adelinah said she embraced Islam out of her own free will when she was 13 years old.

Cover image via Salinah Adelinah via Harian Metro

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A Chinese woman recently went viral after sharing her heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support and love she received from her adoptive parents

Salinah Adelinah is a 27-year-old Chinese woman who was adopted by Saripah Abu Adam and Ahmad Mohammed Tahir when she was a baby.

Speaking to Harian Metro yesterday, 16 June, she said she has never been sidelined by her adoptive family.

"In all my 27 years of life, I have never heard my late mother and father say that I was an adopted child, no matter how angry they were at me.

"I've always been their priority throughout their lives even though I am not of their lineage," she said.

Salinah fondly recalled a cherished memory from 2013 when her late mother, who was facing health issues at the time and was no longer running her business, selflessly used all the coins she had to treat her daughter to a meal of chicken rice and cendol.

"For their sake, I was also willing to give up the opportunity to become a soldier even though, at that time, I was already chosen to be enlisted in 2017, but my mother and father fell ill.

"My mother passed away in the same year, but I am grateful to be able to (help) them even though I had to give up my dream of becoming a soldier," she related.

Salinah's biological father (first person from the right), Salinah (middle), and her adoptive father (last person on the right).

Image via Salinah Adelinah via Harian Metro

Salinah, who now works as a phone sales executive, shared that she was born in Kuala Lumpur before being taken in by Saripah and Ahmad

"During that period, my (adoptive) mother ran a canteen in a factory. They had no children, and at that time, their best friend told them about me.

"They then took me to a house in Ampang. If my (adoptive) mum and dad hadn't take me, my (biological) grandmother would have been the person taking care of me.

"With the permission of my biological family, my (adoptive) mother and father registered me as their adopted child, and we then moved to Merlimau (in Melaka)," she told the Malay daily.

After Saripah died of stage four cancer six years ago, Salinah has been living with Ahmad, who is 68 years old and has walking difficulties. Salinah is grateful that her husband is willing to accept and take care of her adoptive father.

Salinah (far right) with her adoptive father and mother.

Image via Salinah Adelinah via Harian Metro

When she was 13 years old, Salinah embraced Islam out of her own free will after getting permission from her biological family

She said although she chose Islam and continues to live with her adoptive family, she still maintains a good relationship with her biological family.

"Our relationship has never been broken and some (biological) family members, such as my aunt, have also embraced Islam. My (adoptive) late mother and father also never denied or forbade me to see my biological family," she said.

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