Man Returns To Volunteer At Soup Kitchen That Helped Him When He Was Homeless

Motivated by gratitude, Mr S is selflessly giving back to the community he once called home.

Cover image via Kechara Soup Kitchen (Facebook)

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Kechara Soup Kitchen Society (KSK), a charitable non-profit organisation that assists homeless people, recently shared an emotional story about one of its former aid recipients

In a Facebook post, the NGO shared the story of Mr S (not his real name), a homeless man who initially came to their shelter seeking safety and employment after being separated from his family.

KSK managed to assist the man by placing him in temporary housing at Pusat Transit Gelandangan (PTG) in Kuala Lumpur shortly after.

He was then offered a part-time job with the added benefit of an easy commute.

Mr S when he first came to KSK.

Image via Kechara Soup Kitchen (Facebook)

After successfully getting his life back on track with KSK's help, Mr S has now returned to the organisation as a volunteer to repay their kindness

According to KSK, Mr S volunteered with them to express his gratitude and give back to the community he was once a part of.

"Witnessing the progress of clients like Mr S on their journey to transform their lives brings the KSK team immense joy.

"With our community's ongoing support and donations, KSK can continue its mission of assisting individuals in similar circumstances by ensuring that they receive the necessities and opportunities that they deserve," the NGO said.

Mr S at his new part-time job.

Image via Kechara Soup Kitchen (Facebook)

Mr S volunteering at KSK.

Image via Kechara Soup Kitchen (Facebook)

KSK is also a non-religious NGO dedicated to serving marginalised communities in Malaysia

KSK has assisted vulnerable groups such as the homeless, urban or rural poor, and Orang Asli for over 15 years, providing help without discrimination through their soup kitchen, food bank, and empowerment programmes.

However, they can only help the large number of families they always do with the support of dedicated volunteers.

If you are interested in lending a hand, you can check out KSK's website or Facebook page for the latest details.

Last month, another former aid beneficiary at KSK returned with durian to thank them for helping him:

This Malaysian gave up his corporate job to run the operations at KSK when it first started in 2008:

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