This Woman's Breasts Sagged So Much It 'Dropped' Into Her Stomach

She had undergone a breast enlargement surgery using a banned substance.

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Having plastic surgery is not getting a hair cut, it is a real surgery with all potential risks.

Case in point - a Chinese woman walked into a hospital recently to seek consultation over what happened to her enlarged breasts.

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According to Chinese news site NetEase, the middle-aged woman, only named by her surname Wang, had undergone breast enlargement surgery via injections a few years ago.

Recently, she began to realised her breasts have started sagging and got smaller and smaller while her belly had grown substantially.

After careful examination, doctors made the shocking discovery that her implants had 'dropped' into her stomach!

Image via NetEase

Doctors found that this had happened due to Wang being injected with Amazingel to make her breasts grow.

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Amazingel was banned in China in April 2006 due to substances that might be harmful to the body. Before being banned, Amazingel was also used as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

According to Shangaiist, the gel is carcinogenic and incompatible with the human body, meaning that it might migrate from the breasts to the stomach and underarms.

Thankfully for Wang, doctors were able to remove the harmful gel from her body

Image via NetEase
Image via NetEase

It's unclear what Wang plans to do next. Hopefully it has nothing to do with Amazingel because it's definitely short of amazing.

We thought we've seen it all, but China has proven us wrong once again

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You stay classy, China.

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