This Man Paid For A RM250,000 Car With Mountains Of Coins And Small Notes

That's A LOT of coins.

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A man in Zhengzhou, China, thought it was a great idea to pay for his brand new vehicle with sacks of small change

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According to South China Morning Post, the man known only by his surname Guo, paid for his Toyota Prado worth 390,000 yuan (RM250,000) with around 100,000 one-yuan, 50-cent and 10-cent coins.

A Toyota Prado.

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It has been reported that the bags of change were so heavy that he blew a tyre as he was driving to the car dealership!

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Family members also helped bring the cash to the dealership in bags and cartons. Guo runs a flour shop and had saved up his cash to pay for the car and the cash came from customers at his business.

Guo tried other car dealers to make his purchase, but they refused to accept the loose change as a form of payment

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Banks also refused to change the coins and small notes for bigger bills.

Around four employees put their heads together to count the absurd amount of loose change. The whole process took them 12 hours.

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“My hands are still twitching,” one employee was quoted as saying by The South China Post.

This is not the first time someone has bought a car with loose change in China. In 2015, a man from Liaoning purchased a 680,000 yuan (RM440,000) vehicle with four tonnes of coins!

That’s what 660,000 yuan in coins looks like.

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