Surgical Masks Don't Protect Against The Haze. Here's What You Should Be Using Instead

Avoid using normal surgical masks as they are ineffective in protecting the wearer during haze.

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The haze problem has hit several states in Malaysia.

The current haze situation is reportedly expected to last until the end of September.

Continuous exposure to haze can cause multiple health effects including respiratory illness.

If the haze situation persists, you may want to consider using masks to protect yourself from air contaminants

The usage of the correct type of mask, when used correctly, can protect you during these hazy times.

Surgical masks are probably more comfortable to wear, but they are not as effective because small airborne particles can still make their way through the mask's top, bottom, and sides.

Instead, the public is recommended to use N95 respirators are they are designed to achieve a very close facial fit, hence protecting users from the liquid and fine airborne particles that are contaminating the air

However, it should be noted that N95 respirators are not suitable for everyone's usage as some might find difficulty in breathing through them

Information on the Ministry of Health's (MOH) official website states that the following groups of people should exercise precautions to using the respirator:

· Elderly people, people with lung or heart conditions
· People with claustrophobia
· People with lung diseases such as asthma or emphysema
· Women in the later stages of pregnancy
· Children

A guide on how to use a N95 respirator the correct way.

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Where can you buy N95 respirators?

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The N95 respirators should be available for purchase at any major pharmacies and supermarkets.

Alternatively, you can also buy it online at ecommerce sites such as Shopee where a box of 20 N95 respirators is being sold for RM45.80.

If you can, try to minimise outdoor exposure and stay indoors. Also, remember to consume enough water during this hazy season!

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Here are some things to take note of if the haze situation in the country worsens:

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