Japanese Civil Servant Ordered To Return RM48,000 Of His Salary For Smoking During Work

He smoked a total of 4,512 times while on duty.

Cover image via AFP

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A civil servant in Japan has been slapped with a 10% salary cut for six months and ordered to return JPY1.44 million (about RM48,500) of his salary for smoking a total of 4,512 times during work over 14 years

The employee is attached to the Osaka Prefectural Government's finance department.

Two others were also disciplined with a 10% pay cut for repeatedly smoking during working hours, according to a report in Japan's English daily The Mainichi on 24 March.

Of the three, only the 61-year-old employee's violations were confirmed.

He smoked a total of 355 hours and 19 minutes while on duty

The prefectural government's human resources division had reportedly received an anonymous tip in September last year. Following which, the supervisor cautioned the three employees.

However, when the supervisor learned that they had been smoking repeatedly and confronted them, the three lied that they had not smoked since receiving the warning at an interview in December.

It remains unclear how the department calculated the time the trio spent smoking.

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