[VIDEO] Coconut Falls On Woman's Head & Knocks Her Off Motorcycle In Penang

11 coconut trees were cut down to avoid such incidents from happening again.

Cover image via Traffic Info Crew (Facebook)

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A pillion rider was knocked off the motorcycle she was on when a coconut fell from a tree and hit her head

The freak accident was caught on a dash cam, footage of which has gone viral online.

The 28-second video shows the pillion rider on the moving motorcycle when suddenly a coconut falls off a tree and hits her directly on the head.

The impact of the coconut knocks the woman off the motorcycle with her helmet slipping off her head and rolling on the road.

The motorcycle rider, the victim's daughter, immediately stops the bike and rushes to her aid alongside other passers-by who tried to stop other vehicles on the road.

According to New Straits Times, the incident occurred on Jalan Teluk Kumbar in George Town, Penang on Sunday, 26 June.

One of the victim's daughters, Yaya Gani, said her mother broke her right shoulder, left hand, and two ribs from the accident

The victim has also regained consciousness but was still under observation as her condition was quite severe, Yaya was quoted as saying by New Straits Times.

The mother is currently recovering at Penang General Hospital (HPP).

"As for my younger sister, who was seen running towards my mother following the incident, she is okay except for being traumatised," she added.

Yaya also urged everyone to pray for her mother's speedy recovery.

A witness of the incident, a durian trader who has a stall where the accident took place, said it is common to see coconuts falling on the road there

However, 62-year-old Md Ghazali Shahari told Harian Metro that this is the first time seeing a life-threatening accident involving falling coconuts.

"It always falls in a place where there is no one and has even hit my vehicle and the roof of my stall. But, there was no serious damage and there was already a coconut tree near the stall which had been cut down earlier," he was reported as saying.

Ghazali was also one of the members of the public who came to the victim's aid.

Meanwhile, local authorities have decided to cut down the trees along the road to prevent a recurrence of the incident

In a report by Harian Metro, Bayan Lepas state assembly person Azrul Mahathir Aziz said, "This is totally unexpected and we are deeply sympathetic."

"So to avoid such incidents from repeating, we will carry out the work of cutting down 11 coconut trees starting at 2pm today (27 June) while looking for other at-risk trees along the road," he said.

Azrul added that the trees would be chopped down using a lift or skylift machinery.

Watch the incident here. Viewer discretion is advised:

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