TikTok Catches 3 Whales Having Splashing Fun While Eating On Surface In Langkawi

A group of people were fortunate enough to come across the beautiful creatures as they fed on the surface before going back underwater.

Cover image via @madylangkawi (TikTok)

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Whales were spotted in Langkawi waters recently in videos that have gone viral

In a one-minute-and-13-second video, three whales can be seen with their mouths open in the waters between Pulau Payar and Segantang, on Saturday, 25 June.

The marine animals were casually floating on the surface as they fed on fish before closing their mouths and going back underwater.

In another video, a group of individuals on a boat were fortunate enough to catch a rare sight of the majestic creatures. They can be seen considerable close to the whales as they took pictures and videos.

Langkawi Fisheries Department officer Azahar Ahmad said that whales have been spotted passing through Langkawi waters occasionally

When contacted by New Straits Times, he said, "Yes, the whales have indeed been sighted passing by Langkawi waters, but it is seasonal."

Malaysians expressed their excitement over the whale sighting

One netizen commented, "It is not easy to find whales like this. It is a blessing to be able to see them."

Image via TikTok

"It's amazing to be able to see God's creation up close," another added.

Image via TikTok

One user noted how the video looks like a scene out of Nat Geo Wild.

Image via TikTok

This isn't the first time whales have been spotted in Langkawi:

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