Malaysians Horrified By Convenience Store Worker Using A Floor Mop To Clean The Microwave

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Cover image via @AshrafChak (Twitter)

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If you've ever used the microwave at a convenience store, prepare to be scarred for life.

Images of a 7-Eleven employee using a mop to clean the inside of a microwave have recently gone viral on Twitter.

The pictures were posted by @AshrafChak on 22 January, with the caption urging the management at 7-Eleven to take action.

"Hello, @7elevenmalaysia. Please brief your staff on the right way to clean. Even the floor mop goes in the microwave. It's so dirty!" the Twitter user wrote.

The incident was later discovered to have occurred at the Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur branch, according to New Straits Times.

The tweet has since garnered 2.2 million views and 16,000 shares at the time of writing.

Malaysians were shocked, to say the least.

Some even chimed in with their own experiences.

"What multiverse are we in that people mop microwaves after mopping the floor," one user said in disbelief.

Image via Twitter

"I always use the microwave at 7-Eleven," one user lamented.

Image via Twitter

"The Maggi must've been extra salty that day," another user joked.

Image via Twitter

"Luckily, the store near me doesn't do such unhygienic things. The manager uses a special cloth to clean the microwave. They even use a different cloth to wipe down the mirrors. Why would anyone be so stupid as to use a mop to clean the microwave?" one user said.

Image via Twitter

"As a former 7-Eleven employee, we used a different cloth to wipe down the microwave. What is wrong with you that you would use a mop to clean everything? I'm angry just looking at it," a user wrote.

Image via Twitter

"I have to be honest. I once worked at this place where the cleaner would mop the floor, then use the same mop to clean the toilet bowls. They would continue to use the same mop," one user confessed.

"In reality, hotel housekeeping do more or less the same thing," another user responded with their own horrifying confession.

Image via Twitter

7-Eleven has since made a statement apologising for the incident

The convenience store chain stressed that it was a one-off incident that does not reflect the strict sanitation protocols they enforce at all of their outlets.

In a statement on Facebook uploaded on Tuesday, 24 January, they also stated that action has been taken against the employee in question, while promising that the incident will not be repeated.

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