Convict Najib Allegedly Has WiFi Access While Warded At Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital

Fresh rumours have circulated that the former prime minister, serving his 12-year jail sentence, is allegedly enjoying the comfort of a luxury room at the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital with unfettered access to his family and the Internet.

Cover image via EFE

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Is convict Najib Razak being accorded special treatment?

He is not, according to the Prisons Department and the Ministry of Health.

The former prime minister — who is serving a 12-year jail sentence for his corruption conviction in the RM42 million SRC International case — is currently warded at the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH).

Najib has been at CRH since 19 September after Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) referred him there. Prior to which, Najib spent five days at HKL where he was admitted on 12 September as he felt unwell.

The fact that Najib has been warded at CRH was only confirmed by the Prisons Department two days after the rumours began circulating that the convicted criminal — in order to avoid serving his jail sentence inside the Kajang Prison — will be sent to CRH so he can have more access to visitors, among other privileges.

The department, however, did not address the allegations that Najib was receiving special treatment.

Image via EFE

Meanwhile, at a press conference yesterday, 21 September, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin explained that Najib was transferred to CRH because he requires physiotherapy.

"[Najib] was referred to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital because of the follow-up treatment that requires physiotherapy. And part of it is to teach him how he can do it (the exercises) himself. He will be discharged once the specialists are satisfied, and he will be sent back to Kajang prison," Khairy assured.

The Health Minister, however, could not share when Najib will be sent back to Kajang.

"I can't answer when," he said, adding, "It should not be long (before he goes back to Prison)."

According to Khairy, Najib is not receiving special treatment and the reason his ministry is allowing this is to ensure that there would be no disputes from Najib or his family that no medical treatment was given.

However, the rumours that Najib has Internet access become harder to ignore due to the online activity on his verified Facebook page

As of this writing, Najib is still at CRH.

A check by SAYS showed that Najib's latest activity on his official Facebook page was this morning at 10.14am, 22 September. Prior to being sent to jail, Najib was known to use his Facebook page himself.

So does this mean he is allowed Internet/WiFi access while he is warded at CRH?

It's the same question that's being asked by PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli.

According to Rafizi, Najib's activity on his Facebook page, where the former prime minister took a swipe at him on Tuesday announcing PKR's plans to engage undecided voters, has left him confused.

"I'm confused now. The public is being told that Najib's health is not good but on the other hand, he seems to be doing fine and can even post messages on Facebook. Even if he says the posting was made by his Facebook page administrator, we know Najib shouldn't have any interaction with the outside world. So how did he pass the message to his Facebook administrator, let alone know what I said during the PKR machinery launch on Sunday?" Malaysiakini reported Rafizi as asking.

Rafizi went on to say that the fact that Najib is able to follow political developments and pass messages suggests that he does have some access to the outside world.

From having a jail cell with hotel-like amenities to being "given a house within the prison grounds", rumours about Najib receiving special treatment have been circulating since the day he was sent to jail: