Najib Has To Take Cold Showers & Stay Alone In A Cell With Only A Fan

The former prime minister also gets meals five times a day, which are based on the diet given to every other prisoner.

Cover image via EPA-EFE via SCMP & Free Malaysia Today

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Convicted criminal Datuk Seri Najib Razak is not receiving special treatment inside the Kajang prison in Selangor, where the former prime minister began serving his 12 years sentence late last month

This is according to a Utusan Malaysia report that cited an unnamed source as saying that Najib is being treated like other prisoners except that he's in an isolation cell for his safety as a high-profile inmate.

"As a former prominent leader of the country, security measures undoubtedly will be tightened to ensure he remains safe while in the care of the Prisons Department," the source told the Malay daily, adding that Najib has been placed in the isolation cell to maintain security in the prison and for Najib himself.

With the approval of the prison warden, Najib gets access to books and stationery to help him pass the time and is allowed to exercise and participate in recreational activities according to prison rules.

His meals are also "the same as any other prisoner"

"Meals for him are based on the diet given to every other prisoner, five times a day. However, if he needs a special diet due to health reasons, it has to be recommended by a medical officer," the source said.

The prison reportedly does not allow families to bring food to inmates when they visit.

Meanwhile, the source reportedly claimed that the reason Najib is not handcuffed when brought to attend his other case hearings is that he has not acted violently so far.

"The routine followed by Najib is the same as other prisoners."

Utusan Malaysia quoted another source as saying that Najib has to bathe in cold water in his cell that only has a single fan installed

"Najib gets no special treatment even though he is placed in a cell of his own. [He] has to take cold showers [and] his room has only a fan. From what can be seen on Wednesday in court, Najib has redness on his neck due to skin allergies and his body has 'shrunk' a little," the source reportedly claimed.

"There is not even a single switch or plug point in his cell. He has allergies that can cause him to stop breathing in his sleep, so a machine is needed to help him breathe while sleeping," the source told the daily, adding that the prison officers have to use an extension wire for the machine.

Additionally, the source claimed that Najib — whose Pekan seat as a member of parliament (MP) remains intact — is not given access to special doctors and has to rely on existing doctors in prison.

He will continue to enjoy the status of an MP until the next general election is called as Najib has applied to review Federal Court's decision that upheld his guilty verdict in the SRC International case.

Najib has also filed a petition to seek a royal pardon.

Prior to this, the Prisons Department denied giving Najib a house:

They also denied earlier rumours that the former prime minister would have a jail cell with hotel-like amenities:

Najib has been in and out of jail due to his other court cases and hospitalisation for a medical checkup after experiencing pain:

Najib faces four other cases:

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